Experimentation Labs Network

20 December 2021

An experimentation laboratory is a space that promotes research that would enable informed decisions and makes use of collective creativity in order to generate ideas that provide answers to the challenges faced by public organisations. It makes use of experimentation to test solutions with the citizens and the civil servants, in a real and controlled risk environment, to validate and implement them. 

It is a small-scale structure made up of a team with specific skills and knowledge that address and deal with complex challenges in an innovative and creative way, making use of the proper tools and methodologies. 

The goal of an experimentation laboratory is to support the organisation in order to respond to the challenges it faces in its context, creating value for citizens and the organisation itself, whether in the (re)design or in the simplification of services or processes. 

Experimentation Labs Network

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This document is about the importance of the Experimentation Laboratories in the Public Administration and the advantages of belonging to a network.

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