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The Digital Land Registry (BUPi) project aimed to promote the realization of a land registry in a test context (10 counties). LabX’s involvement involved surveying and identifying existing obstacles and opportunities for citizens and companies to join this new service.

This project mainly benefits landowners, companies with land, municipalities and entities in the cadastral market.

First, a historical review of previous cadastral initiatives and innovative initiatives from other countries in this area was carried out, in addition to a survey of existing obstacles and opportunities for this new cadastral service. This investigation report was delivered to the project’s promoters and partners. In a second and final phase, LabX collaborated with the field team, providing support in meetings and interviews with local actors, in the design of the BUPi pilot at the IRN facilities, in carrying out registration actions in the local context (eg in the fair) and collecting suggestions / contacts from interested citizens.

From the investigation carried out, the main findings delivered to the prosecutor of the project were:

  • Citizen participation is a critical element for the success of these initiatives – which, in turn, requires that State communication and publicity primarily promote citizen involvement;
  • Local actors, starting with local authorities and first-rate public services, are a catalyst (or obstacle) for the implementation of the cadastre;
  • The risk of wasting cadastral information in the meantime accumulated by a multiplicity of public and private agents must be minimized, promoting their integration and / or reuse.

October 2017 – February 2018

Poster de Projeto

Balcão Único do Prédio | BUPI

Poster informativo com os principais pontos de interesse.

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