Agora Falo Eu!

22 December 2020

Last September 11th, the game “Agora Falo Eu!” Was publicly presented at a session that took place at the Raiz project facilities in Ramalde, Porto.

The “Agora Falo Eu!” is a pedagogical card game , based on the Brazilian initiative “De Olho na Escola” and that was created within the scope of a project of Education for Citizenship. The game, initially developed as a participatory diagnostic tool, is by itself, a pedagogical tool that promotes the construction of knowledge and the development of civic competences.

The game contains 8 question cards and 120 picture cards. Throughout the game, children are invited to respond to the question cards with the picture cards provided to them.

This game is meant to:

Participatory diagnosis: giving the children a say in the definition of their interests in the area of Citizenship and in identifying the most appropriate supports to work on Citizenship and Civic Participation. Through the diagnosis made, we can better define the projects and initiatives to develop.

Support for the choice of activities, by means of a vote: to promote the involvement the choice of activities to be carried out, by voting proposals that result from the diagnostic process

Explore citizenship and development themes: the game allows the contact with citizenship themes and the participation in democratic institutions.

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