To boost satisfaction, productivity, collaboration and participation, making it spontaneous to achieve goals and objectives in any work context. 

Public Entities of Central, Regional or Local Administration

Gamification consists in using game mechanics and strategies in real and differentiated contexts. The benefits of gamification go far beyond the entertainment factor and may impact aspects such as productivity, focus, determination, and participation, making it easier to achieve goals and objectives in any context. Although it is a process already recognised in areas such as marketing and education, the use of serious games is becoming an increasingly common practice in organisational management, using elements such as rewards, scorecards, and instant feedback, making the most of intrinsic motivation for competition in human beings.

In LabX we try to integrate these approaches in different contexts, either during the activities of a project, building team alignment for the creation of strategic and action plans, or in the development of specific tools or workshops.


In the project Education for Citizenship, gamification was used to find complementary and alternative models to promote civic participation in children and young people.

1 | Application practice

Lego Serious Play

Exploration of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology that can be used in Public Administration in a session where participants represent through metaphors a joint vision on the strategy or future activities of the team/entity, through a collaborative, fun and easy way.

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Article “Mas isto é alguma brincadeira?!”

2 | Application practice

Conjunto do jogo que inclui cartas, urna e instruções
It’s My Turn (To Speak)! / Agora Falo Eu!

The game is aimed at organisations working with children between the ages of 7 and 13 and aims, through the dynamics of the game, to promote alternative ways of developing citizenship skills and civic participation in children and young people and to encourage the implementation of small projects in their community, conceived and selected by the children themselves.

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3 | Application practice

Conjunto do jogo que inclui cartas e instruções
Citizenship Stars

Board game that uses a metaphor about “space exploration” to work on the citizenship themes that were highlighted in the research as the most relevant for children in the 1st and 2nd cycle of basic education. The aim is to work on the themes in a way that is out of context with “earth” reality, through a “gamified” solution.

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4 | Application practice

Jogo dos Exploradores
Explorers Game

In order to meet the need for strategic and operational alignment between project teams, a prototype gamified tool was developed to promote collaboration between the team, as well as to support participative and technically informed decision-making. Using the history of Portuguese maritime expansion as a backdrop through “seas never before sailed” and resorting to its symbols and archetypes, the Explorers Game promotes a practical reflection on the planning and development of experimental projects.

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