Innovation Playbook

The Innovation Playbook is the Innovation Manual of OPSI – Observatory for Public Sector Innovation of OECD. It offers a set of tools to support the practical application of the principles established in the Declaration on Innovation for the Public Sector, subscribed by the Portuguese State in order to spread the use of innovation.

This practical playbook, in which LabX was involved, along with other countries in the co-creation and testing processes, can be very useful to guide public entities in applying the Innovation Principles to solve challenges in the Public Sector:

The five principles for Public Sector Innovation

This manual aims to support entities in the mission of aligning public services and policies with the real needs and expectations of citizens and society in general.

This handbook was developed based on a co-creation process involving a working group consisting of 10 countries (Australia, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden) and the support of Finland and Denmark. To ensure that the handbook meets the contextual challenges of different realities, the countries that were part of the working group conducted test sessions with entities in their countries.

Geared to be accessible, actionable and focused on user needs and challenges, this handbook proposes several tools and case studies (including our Anticipatory Innovation Starter Kit) to support entities to invest in anticipating scenarios and preparing for future responses and uncertainties.

Innovation Playbook

Put the Declaration on Public Sector Innovation into practice

This playbook invites you on a 3-step journey: it starts by identifying the innovation principles associated with the challenges; it assesses the current capacity for innovation; it provides a set of action lines to address the identified challenges.

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