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The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a multilateral initiative, launched in September 2011 by the Heads of State and Government of eight countries, which aims to guarantee concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, foster participation combat corruption and use new technologies to strengthen participatory democracy.

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The Open Government Partnership (OGP) wants governments and public administrations to become more transparent, more accountable and closer to citizens to provide better public services. This requires, in many cases, a cultural change that ensures greater dialogue and collaboration between governments and civil society.

Public Administration entities, Civil Society organizations, Governments and, more important, the Citizens.

Portuguese participation in OGP implies the elaboration of action plans, to be developed every two years by the National Network for Open Administration.

AMA – Administrative Modernisation Agency sponsored, in May 2018, the creation of this Network to develop, coordinate, execute and supervise the National Action Plans for Open Administration. The Network is an informal structure supported by entities representing the public sector and civil society.

Since the end of 2019, LabX as representative of AMA has been the OGP national focal point.

It is in this paradigm and through a collaborative effort by its members, partners and Civil Society, that the Network sought to bring this diversity of experiences and knowledge to the implementation of the National Action Plan for Open Administration.

1st National Action Plan

1st National Action Plan for Open Administration
1st National Action Plan for Open Administration (2018-2020)

Based on 8 commitments, selected from a set of proposals resulting from the co-creation activities of the Network and a public consultation process.

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2nd National Action Plan

2nd Nation Action Plan for Open Administration
2nd National Action Plan for Open Administration (2021-2023)

The plan development process began with discussion forums and the identification of major themes, followed by ideation sessions, the survey of proposals, and finally, the formalization of the 9 commitments.

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Open Government Partnership’s annual initiative taking place in May

The Open Gov Week (OGW) takes place in May, a week where world leaders, public authorities and civil society are invited to discuss new ways to respond to citizens needs. In Portugal, LabX celebrates the date co-chairing several events that support the dissemination of the concepts of open administration and the values that are defended by the National Open Administration Network.

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