Ponto JA Network

The Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, I.P. (IPDJ) turned to LabX to support the process of redesigning and revitalizing the Ponto JA Network, an IPDJ public service network, with alternative service models and services that can meet the needs and motivation of young people and the offer of services that can be made available in these spaces.

The final beneficiaries of this project are young people, users of the Ponto JA spaces, youth associations that are based in these spaces and the employees who perform their duties here.

The starting point of the project was an exercise “Theory of Change” carried out by the project team. Based on the results obtained, a research plan was envisaged that included listening to young people and technicians and managers of the IPDJ. An online questionnaire survey was conducted for young people, which obtained 1520 participations; for technicians and directors of the IPDJ, ethnographic interviews were conducted, with the 5 Regional Directors of the IPDJ and 3 Information Technicians being interviewed. The results of this investigation were compiled into user stories that supported the co-creation processes. In parallel, training was carried out,
in Service Design, from a group of 25 technicians and IPDJ leaders, which resulted in experimental proposals to be validated on the ground by the project team.


Results of the “Innovation Scholarship” project that are incorporated into the learning about the Ponto JA Network:

  • Youth Day Map in Public Services;
  • Recommendations for designing digital services for young people;
  • Top of services most sought after by young people.

Results of the investigation and training process:

  • Participation of 1520 young people in an auscultation questionnaire
  • 5 Interviews with Regional Directors and 3 with Information Technicians
  • Compilation of 20 user stories on the use of Ponto JA stores
  • Training of 25 technicians and directors of the IPDJ in public service design
  • 5 proposals for experimental solutions to try in the Chain Stores Point JA
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