Self-Service Accelerator


It aims to explore the essential characteristics for a solution that allows citizens to perform digital public services (DPS) autonomously, enabling them to perform in the future by their own means, combining in a proposal the definitions of the physical component, technical equipment ( hardware) and user experience in DPS.


Citizens who have the necessary digital skills, but who continue to have low levels of use of DPSs and who use digital services in their daily lives (social networks, online shopping, homebanking, etc.), tending to opt for face-to-face service . They are typically young people at the beginning of their careers, users of digital services (but not SPD) and retired and active citizens.


Based on data available on the use of SPD in Portugal, derived both from information collected by LabX in its projects, as well as from statistical information made available by the National Statistics Institute, the project aimed to arrive at the materialization of a self-service accelerator solution, in a low-fidelity prototype, consolidating a set of learnings and guidelines that inform future developments.
The project started on the ground with a co-creation session with citizens that aimed to generate potential ideas for a self-service accelerator solution, materialized in models, allowing to extract the essential requirements for the success of the solution.

To develop the solution, and in view of the limitations imposed by the pandemic, an adapted sprint design (DSA) with two phases was carried out together with our technical partner: ideation and materialization of the prototypes with specialists; experimentation with citizens. The DSA resulted in two low-fidelity prototypes that were tested in an environment that recreated the context of a shopping center.


  • Two low-fidelity prototypes tested
  • The parameters and characteristics of the physical component of the solution have been stabilized and the challenges identified


Cocreation with Citizens

A solution to enhance citizens’ autonomy and aptitude in the use of digital public services.

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