Innovators Network

The Innovators Network is a community of practices within the Public Administration with the objective of promoting collaborative work within the Public Administration for the sharing of knowledge and experiences resulting from experimental projects and / or approaches, be they support guides, good practices, instruments or case studies that demonstrate promising or effective results.

The network is aimed at all public workers who are enthusiastic about innovation and its applicability in their entities.

Network Initiatives

LabXpresso: is a newsletter published periodically, where projects, case studies and tools applied by the LabX team are presented.

OFICINA@LabX: on site or digital workshops, that take place in an informal environment and that can have different formats, serving to carry out collaborative work where participants, through learning and regular exchange of knowledge and experiences, can identify challenges and opportunities to innovate within the administration. Then, they serve to expose experimentation projects in Public Administration, demystifying this innovative approach. Finally, it also allows members to learn to use instruments and working methods in context.

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